Individual records

LEW-1-1 Ogham Stone
LEW-1-2 Ogham Stone
LEW-1-3 Cresset Stone
LEW-1-4 Cresset Stone
LEW-1-5 Cresset Stone
LEW-1-6 Font
LEW-1-7 Font detail 1
LEW-1-8 Font detail 2
LEW-1-9 Font detail 3
LEW-1-10 Font Detail 4
LEW-1-11 Font detail 5
LEW-1-12 Font detail 6
LEW-1-13 Font detail 7
LEW-1-14 Font detail 8
LEW-1-15 Cross over North Door
LEW-1-16 Plaque in memory of William Vosper Esq
LEW-1-17 Two wall plaques
LEW-1-18 Detail of carved oak screen 1
LEW-1-19 Detail of carved oak screen
LEW-1-20 Detail of carved oak screen
LEW-1-21 Detail of carved oak screen
LEW-1-22 Carved bench end - replica of destroyed bench end of 1546
LEW-1-23 Stained glass window
LEW-1-24 Plaque commemorating installation of clock in tower
LEW-1-25 Stained glass east window1
LEW-1-26 Stained Glass east window2
LEW-1-27 Interior view looking west down the aisle
LEW-1-28 View down aisle looking east
LEW-1-29 Interior view looking east down the aisle
LEW-1-30 Detail of replacement pillar following 1890 fire.
LEW-1-31 Detail of original granite pillar from St Martin's Church.
LEW-1-32 St Martin's Church organ
LEW-1-33 Carved slate plaque from South Porch commemorating those who fought in first World War
LEW-1-34 South Porch roof timbers
LEW-1-35 South Porch roof timbers
LEW-2-2 Lewannick Church destroyed by fire - Cornish & Devon Post Jan 18th, 1890
LEW-2-3 Net doc
LEW-2-4 Cresset Stones:- 'From Architectural Relics in Cornwall'
LEW-3-1 Milestone near Polyphant
LEW-3-2 Milestone near Polyphant - detail
LEW-3-3 Milestone near Trevell turning - painted
LEW-3-4 Milestone near Trevell turning - unpainted
LEW-3-5 Trebartha Estate milestone
LEW-3-6 Milestone near North Hill
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